Meals babies love,

no cooking required

UMYUM meals are healthy nutritious meals that are jam packed full of flavour and texture for babies and toddlers.

Hassle free meals that are full of all the good stuff like vegetables, fruits, healthy grains and none of the nasties like preservatives, added salt and sugars. We want your baby to be the healthiest version of themselves when they start their solids journey.


Our meals are made for adventurous baby led weaning babies who want to explore their meals and develop healthy habits with food which will set them up for life. We know that the more flavours and textures a baby eats before they turn 2, they will be less picky with food as they grow up.


As a parent you always want the best for your children. By serving UMYUM, you can feel confident that you’re feeding your baby healthy and delicious meals. The other major benefit is you don’t need to do any cutting, prepping, cooking, washing up, just heat the meals in the microwave and serve. We’re giving you more time to spend with your babies, what’s not to love about that.


UMYUM was created by me, Steph. I became a mum to Clementine in 2021. When it was time for Clemmie to start solids, I was so excited to cook her home made, healthy meals that still maintained some texture. We never went down the puree path as I wanted to follow the baby-led-weaning model. She loved my meals, and I loved cooking them. But mums and dads are busy, life is busy and there were times where I just didn’t have the time (nor the energy) to create these beautiful home cooked meals for her. Off I would go to the supermarket to find ready made meals that I could serve her, and there was nothing available, well nothing that didn’t have salt and preservatives added or that wasn’t a puree. At this point I thought other parents would surely be looking for convenient yet healthy meals for their babies.

It became my mission to help busy mums and dads. With the help of my dad who is a chef, our goal was to make nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare meals for little ones.